About Us

We are young hustlers focused on bringing all our customers the best designs possible. We are all about determination and focus and we are willing to do the most to make sure you have the best shopping experience with us. Our goal is to create a new clothing brand surrounded by the idea of being unique and standing out while making a statement. Our mission is to make a brand that customers can feel confident wearing. We created this brand as a statement and a reflection of how we live our lives and how we would like to live the rest of our lives. The word Bold is more than just a title and more then just a name to us. It is the characteristic we all shared when choosing to start this business. We are all young and ready to take on the world through our art and through are unique designs. We want to spread the message that whatever you do in this life is purely up to you, and that Free Thinkers, Entrepreneurs, Artists, and the true Philosophers of this New Age Renaissance that we are going through. We are Bold by challenging our home city and defying the odds of running a successful business at such a young age. We are Bold by ignoring the haters and critics and choosing our own path by creating our own destiny. Being Bold does not start with dropping everything and making big moves, being Bold starts with acknowledging who you are and who you truly want to be. That is what our brand means to us. We are a group of young artists chasing the American Dream of making something of ourselves. We are the creators of our own destiny, and you can be too. Just Be Bold. 
Our Mission

Our mission as young entrepreneurs is to give back to the people who helped raise us up and to the community we grew up around. We hope in the future to one day give back and create a positive message for our community that through hand work anything is possible. With every purchase of clothing, our brand grows stronger and our message becomes louder. You can join us on our mission, we are always looking for like minded people who share the same aspirations for success. It is hard being unique and standing up for yourself/what you believe in, we just want to show you that you are not alone. In these crazy times we are all going through a lot and we are being given the time to look at ourselves as individuals. For a lot of people it is very hard to accept the person they have become and self love and forgiveness is not just something you can instantly gain in one day. We want to help you, we want to create a safe space where people can freely voice their opinions without fear. We want to create a community built by people ready to make a difference in this world. Nobody got anywhere without someone's help. We want you to know that we are here for you, that is what our brand is all about. We are creating a place where people can be themselves and truly be BOLD.